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Tea Machine ACM 80 Cup Stainless Hot Water Tea Machine 9 Lt

Tea Machine AÇM 80 Cup Stainless Hot Water Tea Machine 9 Lt

Electrical Tea Machine
Diameter 22 cm.
Height 42 cm.

The product is manufactured from stainless chrome.
Steep system is in the internal part of the machine and enables tea to be fresh for a long time.

Its Resistance is manufactured from Stainless chrome steel.
It has silicon gasket taps against instillation.
It is designed for delicious and economic tea.
It is produced for quick and often use.
Tea and water level capacity is controlled with tea and water level indicators.
With the help of the Automatic heat thermostat, water at desired temperature can be taken.
Special handles with heat isolation are used.
The filter in the Automat gives the tea clear and free of sediment.

Works with 220 V. Electricity.
Hygienic, easy to use and clean.
A machine with no problem.
Many and Cheap Replacement Parts.

Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)

Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features ,shape ,technical changes on the device.

15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)

This Electrical Tea Machine which is made from Stainless Chrome Steel Plate, Separate Hot Water Boiler and Steep Boiler, Both has level indicator Taps, Adjustable Automatic Thermostat Temperature Degree, Easy working Taps, Inside of the Taps is with Silicon gasket, Aksan Tea Machine, Stainless Chrome Steel Resistance enables efficient and continuous working. It prevents Tea Waste going into Tea Steep by the stainless steel filtered Aluminium┬á Tea Filter which is present in the Steep Container. Easy to use. Put the water in the bigger reservoir, open the timer to the end. Put some tea in the Aluminium tea filter. Wait, After the water is boiled the water you will get from the hot water tap with a container; by opening the cap of the tea machine, pour it on the filter in the small reservoir which has dry tea. By closing the cap, adjust automatic thermostat around 60 degrees, wait for the tea to steep for some time. At the end of the Steep Period get some steep to your cup according to your taste and add some hot water. Sup your Hot TeaÔÇŽThatÔÇÖs itÔÇŽAksan Wishes you to drink your Tea with pleasureÔÇŽIf you wish only by getting hot water; you can prepare and drink other ready made tea-bags, espresso coffees,3-in-1 Nescafe coffee, ready made hot soups.

When you buy it, you will see the usage comfortability, its replacement part guarantee and technical support against possible manufacturing mistakes and after sale services are absolutely flawless .Turkish Call 009 0212 2370749

English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592

As being a type of the commonly preferred tea machines you can see this productÔÇÖs prices ,technical features, usage type by clicking on Product Detail connection. Separate Hot Water Boiler and Steep Boiler ,Both has separate level indicators.