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Bus Vehicle Type Water Heater Hot Water Automat 24 V. AOAI 6

Bus Vehicle Type Water Heater Hot Water Automat 24 V. AOAI 6

Hot Water Automat 24V. Bus Type

Water Capacity 6 Liters
Dimensions: 27cm X 15cm X  27 cm
Power 500 Watt
Working Voltage 24 V
Working Flow 1.15 Ampere
Weight 4750 Gr

The temperature of the water inside is fixed at an automatically set temperature with the help of the thermostat on the device.
It can be observed if it is working or not by the eye lamp on the device.
The amount of water inside the device can be controlled by the indicator pipe on the boiler.

It easily satisfies the water need while the bus is on route.
It satisfies the water need of every vehicleÔÇŽ

Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the device.
Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749

This product which is manufactured to work at 24 Volt can be manufactured to work at 12 Volt, thus it can be used as water heater in yachts and mars, water heater in little both boats and ships also similarly in caravans, automobiles, also it can be turned in to set by little ice machinesÔÇŽCall if you need 0212 2370749

24 Volt Bus Electrical Water Heater, Adjustable Automatic Thermostat Temperature Degree, Easy working Taps, Aksan Water Heater provides uncut and efficient working with its Special Resistance, You can serve hot drinks to your customers in buses and automobiles while on route.